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Re: Defining Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
I'd say you have to be one of the recognized experts (by the peer uchi-deshi of Ueshiba) of Aikido before you can claim your grasp of "Aikido" is such that you couldn't do anything counter to the essential intent of Aikido. I'd say a lot of people do or easily can do absolutely bogus stuff and claim that it's really Aikido. Until they have the go-ahead from the Do-Shu, they have no legitimacy and are just assumptive amateurs. And that's not just my view, either... that's the traditional view. If you have support for your position that counters that traditional view, I'd like to hear it.

It depends on who's tradition imho. Did the first Doshu actually learn Ueshiba M.'s Aikido at Hombu or someone else's? There were in fact many uchideshi who were more technically proficient (and senior) than him during his coming up as Doshu. It is also noted that during a sizeable portion of that time, Ueshiba M. was absent from teaching in Tokyo and when he did, dealt with things of a more philosophical nature than technical.

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