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Re: Equitable?

Niadh Feathers wrote:
Good question. I think the dynamic is because she is female, just from my observations. This also is a student that has other dynamic issues which often come to the for front during practice. I am not trying to psycoanylis this (and I did not take your pst as such) but simply to find responses from women on such. See if others had similar experiences. I know that we as a society often have subconcious reactions to (specifiy gender) in (given role).
The things you mention are possibilities, but there may also be the simple issue the one instructor is not as good as the other one. In most dojo's where multiple teachers share the teaching, some of the teachers' classes are good and some are often pretty mediocre. It's not uncommon for people to do the obvious and simply not want to attend the classes that are not as good. I know of many cases where people won't attend a certain female instructor's class simply because she's not very good ... and they're not interested in the social BS of attending so that it looks like they're not sexist. No one questions the "sexism" when students avoid a male instructor's classes for the same reasons of mediocrity, so maybe too much is being read into the motives of people not attending females' classes, seminars, etc. Male or female, the demonstrably good instructors will draw students; the not-as-good instructors won't draw the students equally. It's the way things work.


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