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Re: Equitable?

Lorien Lowe wrote:
Do you think that the woman you mentioned was being disrespectful to the female sensei specifically because she was female, or because of some coincidental factor?

Good question. I think the dynamic is because she is female, just from my observations. This also is a student that has other dynamic issues which often come to the for front during practice. I am not trying to psycoanylis this (and I did not take your pst as such) but simply to find responses from women on such. See if others had similar experiences. I know that we as a society often have subconcious reactions to (specifiy gender) in (given role). I too am guilty of this and try to minimize it as much as I can. Luckily I am a part of a dojo that overtly accepts its students for their ability, male or female , 7 years old or 80 years old, and as such places the emphasis on knowing you practice partner's abilities and working with that.

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