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I teach in a crosstraining dojo. I get quite a few of the jiu-jitsu people checking out class and they are constantly trying to stop my technique. ( I find this wonderful for realisms sake). Three ways I have combined to "enhance" kotegaeshi is 1)As Jun said break uke's balance. 2) As in all wrist techniques strive to control uke's entire body, i.e. When entering with tenkan against a strike keep uke's wrist at roughly belt level, then when you step backwards it's almost as if you threw him with sumi-otoshi. 3) In the case of an extremely unwilling uke, a little chi-na never hurts. If their hand is in a fist take your hand that circles over uke's fingers and press with your index finger on one of their finger nails. And as always keep weight underside and extend your energy.

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