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Re: Kototama Question

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Um... Well, while I believe the first part of your answer to be a bit glib, the second part has me want to know what you have done with that knowledge. Of course, my original point in asking was to point out that if your aikido hasn't moved off the scale, perhaps you may want to consider that the knowledge you believe you have gained may not be much of anything at all.

Great, but what does this have to do with what kotodama might really be, and what it was for O-Sensei and his aikido?.
I want to thank you for taking an interest in my comments. I am sorry to have appeared glib, it was not my intention. As far my Aikido moving off the scale, that all depends on where it was initially in reference to a scale. There are many things that can affect one's Aikido at any given moment. Having just recently read Inochi, I am still digesting what it appears to mean and I have not come up with any personal determinations at this point. Do I believe the 50 sounds of the Kototama are the lost secret to the meaning of the universe? No, not at this point. However, I do not disbelieve it either - I just do not have enough knowledge or personal experience to make that determination.

If O Sensei (or anyone else for that matter) believed that the utterance of a sound could help them stay relaxed and centered or improve their inner strength, then yes that belief is true to them. The belief could consist of the detailed 50 sounds in the Kototama, or it could be some rambling lyrics from some obscure rock and roll song. As long as the individual believes it will make a difference, it will make a difference for them. This I believe is the true secret to the Kototama - If one truly believes in it, like O Sensei did, then it will impact their Aikido, and everything else they do as well.

From your posts, it appears you are very knowledgeable in this area. Therefore, could you please share what your beliefs are and how they have impacted your Aikido.


Greg Steckel
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