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Re: Equitable?

Niadh Feathers wrote:
SO here is a women in the dojo dynamic that this thread has brought up to me. In the dojo where I assist, (about 60m/40w) we have a female student who, among other issues, demonstrates a definite resistance towards accepting instruction from the chief instructor (female) but not from males? This is actually the second such student we have had, one having left. The one who left felt we were too different from her style to continue. the chief instructor Then was also Female, but not the same. I am not asking for a psychological analysis or to have the most obvious (and I believe wrong) point that it must be the chief instructor pointed out. I am simply trying to throw a previously unmentioned angle into the discussion of how to incorporate Aikido in our lives and our lives in Aikido.
I have noticed some resistance from some students to my instruction. I think some people prefer to be taught by Ron because he is the head instructor. I think my lighthearted approach to Aikido offends some folks.

And I have had a woman tell me that she prefers a male instructor and she does not come to my classes.

Another woman I know really prefers Ron's classes but when she comes to mine I just teach. It does not matter how someone feels as long as they act fine in class.

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