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Re: Kototama Question

Rob Liberti wrote:

Most of that is difficult to describe because they end up being feelings, but I can give one example. When I consider the kotodama sound of "AHH" while practicing technique, I found it really helped in a tangible way with respect to the direction of my study. Keeping both myself and the uke endlessly expanding throughout the technique has been quite helpful to me personally. Especially in ikkyo (as opposed to shoving the person's hand down).

What are your thoughts Shaun? Everyone else?

Mr. Liberti,

Thank you for your clear description. I have several questions:

1. Do you understand why the sound does that?

2. If yes, then are you able to apply that principle to all of your techniques?

3. If yes, then are you able to extrapolate the meaning and relevance of the additional sound currents and also apply these in a dynamic manner.

4. If yes, have these principles exponentially elevated your techniques such that if you did not use said principles your technique would appear empty or even depleted by comparison?


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