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Re: Kototama Question

Hi Don,

My comments follow yours...

Don J. Modesto wrote:
My take on this has been touched upon by bloggers and pag: much of the spirituality of O-Sensei's aikido has been discarded.
Yes, and the republicans want to turn back the clock to when women couldn't vote. However, in the former case is that really an improvement? I believe it is simply a depletion of the center or removing the heart of the art. I read time and time again how O-Sensei didn't make any sense, or how he didn't leave a specific method of study for others to achieve similar goals. However, I am sure you would agree, just because 99.99% of the people don't seem to know where to look, are too lazy to look and wouldn't know what to do should they happen to actually find what they keep insisting doesn't exist, doesn't mean that .01% of those might actually can get passed the commercial misinformation propagated by the numerous books and tiresome lectures found online. Interestingly these are postulated by individuals whom if were correct in their assumptions would actually rule out O-Sensei's development of the art, itself. Yet, he did, in fact develop something that had not come into existence before. Was it kotodama and Misogi? I don't know. But what I do know is that O-Sensei said that it was.

From where I am standing O-Sensei made quite a bit of sense, and I didn't read any of those confounding books. I haven't been standing in waterfalls shouting ha! eee-aaaaay! Nor have I been spinning a jo in the air screaming Suuuuuuuu-uuuuu, or what have you. There is no need. Should one actually follow the process of Masagatsu-Agatsu-Katsuhayahi, the one laid out by O-Sensei and transmitted to several individuals from what I have been told, at least one individual that little ole me has even been able to uncover, and get to know, one would have a clear path, albeit a long one, upon which to train themselves.

Don J. Modesto wrote:
KOTODAMA was a part of this and is thus today, lacking that context, relegated to the status of an irrelevant curio. It's not unsimilar to Louis Farakhan's much abused numerology.
Um, perhaps you may be revealing a bit too much here, but.... I am not familiar with any power that Mr. Farrakhan actually developed using his system, regardless of the nature or ultimate truth upon which said system my be based. O-Sensei stands way above scores of other individuals, and this is due to something. You may call it irrelevant curio, but I would ask you if you might choose to reconsider. Perhaps its relevance is as illusive as ones ability to decipher the simple truth of what kotodama really is. I mean could you imagine searching a haystack for "something" not knowing even what the something actually was? I wouldn't expect that anyone would actually find much of anything, or conversely, they might find a whole slew of irrelevant things, to use your term. However that needle that lay buried and hidden is still as important today as it was when O-Sensei was alive. We are going to find that we each need that needle to stitch together the fabric of the art we say we are studying. Without it, we will merely be left with the current world-wide parade of Aikidoka all clad in the Aikidoka's new clothes. Oops!


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