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Re: Kototama Question

Greg Steckel wrote:
Well, it has not hurt it any

Actually, reading or obtaining any knowledge will not improve anything - what makes a difference is what action is done with that knowledge.
Um... Well, while I believe the first part of your answer to be a bit glib, the second part has me want to know what you have done with that knowledge. Of course, my original point in asking was to point out that if your aikido hasn't moved off the scale, perhaps you may want to consider that the knowledge you believe you have gained may not be much of anything at all.

Greg Steckel wrote:
The information contained in those books are individual perceptions and believes of the authors and can only serve as insights into what Kototama meant to them.
Great, but what does this have to do with what kotodama might really be, and what it was for O-Sensei and his aikido?

Greg Steckel wrote:
I believe each individual needs to establish their own beliefs on what it is that motivates their life. If we can share some of the beliefs of others who have gone before us, fine - but the true motivators can only be found deep within oneself.
Agreed, of course, it seems that the original poster was asking a question about Steven's version of Kotodama, which is markedly different from what O-Sensei was doing. Unfortunately, there isn't anyone readily available whose thoughts on kotodama have enabled them, or anyone else for that matter, to gain any real-world enhancements beyond what was predictable for them to achieve having not spent countless hours chanting at the universal indifference to their efforts. If you ask me, perhaps this would signify that they may have missed the mark completely, basically espousing a mere empty ritual with the appearance of something otherworldly. At least they sold some books though, poor trees.

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