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I'd agree that folks who want/need longer warm-ups should get them in before class. When i can't get off work early enough, i might modify the quick counts some instructors do to a lower/deeper count so i get a slower/better stretch. if i still needed more time after that, i guess i would try to get a slower kind of partner for the first few techniques, and we could work slowly enough not to injure anything. the main thing i expect to get out of warm-ups is a little stretching, and then things that i can do on my own but would like to watch sensei and be watched while i do them, the Aikido-related movement exercises--i already know how to do sit-ups and push-ups, and do them each morning...but while i also practice the Aikido exercises i am not anywhere certain i am doing them right. One of my favorite intructors would always do some exercises, and then vary some of the others---i noticed that those that varied were tied into the techniques we did that night, and it became fun to watch for them as the techniques were taught.
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