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Re: Kamae vs Shizentai (hips underneath)

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
If you look at O sensei stance, it has nothing to do with yoshinkan stance ......ooppppsss...
In the beginning of technique he did very "sword" stance with his weight on back foot. So he could literally jump forward doing deep irimi. As we can see it in "Budo" movie.
. we learned in Aikido Shugyou it was always Gozo Shioda's goal to surpass his teacher I going to get it for this one

As Mark pointed out quite well, there is not one stance that can answer all questions or be used in all situations. If what is being taught in Yoshinkan is a primary focus on a stance that the founder of Yoshinkan decided made the most sense in most situations, perhaps it isn't a bad thing to emphasize that. I can't claim to know why it was that this particular stance was decided upon, even though I can recite and understand most of the arguments for it. Since there are obviously equally good arguments for other stances, one wonders what made this one unique for him to develop and emphasize.


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