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Re: Twist and shout

Originally posted by Jim23
I think warm-ups/stretching should last at least fifteen-twenty minutes -- minimum.

And why aren't pushups or situps, etc. done? They just increase strength, general health, etc., it doesn't matter if strength isn't used in aikido.


1) Those are all things that you can do on your own.
2) Out of a 90 minute class I don't want to spend 20 minutes (over 20% of the class) doing push-ups, I'd rather be learning stuff, or practicing stuff.

I get to the dojo early and do my own stretches and exercises - as far as I'm concerned I'd be perfectly happy if there weren't _any_ warmups done.

FWIW, I keep my serious physical conditioning seperate from my Aikido classes, it's more efficient, and more effective.


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