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Fred Little
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Re: Grading Issues and Questions :MAD:

Peter Rehse wrote:
What this does mean though is that a beginner in the dojo is often overwhelmed a bit with cost especially after he has put out the initial cost of joining a dojo. It doesn't take long for things to be a bit more spread out and manageable.

Could you explain this a bit, particularly the "initial cost of joining a dojo?"

I know this may be a bit of thread drift, but I'm curious just because I've seen a pretty wide range of initial fees and equipment expenses from dojo to dojo, both in the States and in Japan.

In one instance in Japan, a dojo I was visiting for a matter of days wanted a full membership registration fee, and it was a almost like renting an apartment in the states -- initial registration was first month's dues plus a one and a half month registration fee.

On the other hand, for someone on a student budget (which is the case with the club participants here at NJIT), even a $30/year registration fee, a couple of weekend seminars and three gradings in the first year could put a comparatively hefty ding in the account balance.

So I'm just hoping for a bit of perspective on what is "initial expense" in your dojo.


Fred Little
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