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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo

Christian Reiniger wrote:
For me, getting used to "bad things", getting to know them, to experience them, is an integral part to being able to handle them calmly.
I think this is basically what PCS Conditioning is all about. It also can be done in a graduated manner where intensity is incrementally increased, instead of "throwing someone into the deep end" from day one. It's about constantly building the person psychologically and technically to a point where he/she can deal with the violence without "losing it" due to fear and the adrenaline dump.

Peter wrote:
If you can't do that then please leave and come back when you can. I have, Honbu has, been quite patient with a few who have problems but the operative word is try.
Ignatius wrote:
I don't agree with the attitude that if they can't hack it, they should not be there, or come back when they can.
Coming from the same system as Peter, maybe I am missing something, but I agree with this concept. There are people who have no place in a martial arts dojo if they are unable or unprepared to deal with some of the rigours of basic training, whether it be physically, psychologically or otherwise. The group can conform to the individual to a degree, but at some point along the way one has to either shape up or ship out imho.

This reminds me of a signature of someone here - "If at first you don't succeed, maybe skydiving is not for you." PCS Conditioning and some aspects of training truly are not for everyone. It's like - you can't be a Navy Seal if you are afraid of the water - there are certain basic prerequisites depending on where one trains and the focus of that training.


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