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Re: Equitable?

When you say "organization" to you mean just the sinlge "independant dojo"?

Bill, I'm positive they are just fine to men. I think that maybe the crux of the topic - that it doesn't have to be good for just one gender at the expense of the other. Of course there are extremes both ways, and I'm sure it's much more favorable towards the gender of the primary person trying to facilite the learning atmosphere - which is more often men. I think my point is that it's just difficult for a male to facilitate what is best for all without getting apporpriate feedback - and that feedback is not easy to get. The new people have not no trust with you established, and the old timers can be quite jaded by their past exterienced - even from other dojos.

I do appreciate the curage and perseverance of those who continued to try to help me (and others) understand what can be done to improve things for all dispite a seemingly new form of technological terrets.

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