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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

John and Jean, you are both right. I was shown a bunch of techniques in the basic academy and remembered three or four that worked well for me. I used them all the time and practiced them as well over the next thirty plus years. A lot of the practice came when I was showing them to new officers as trainees when they first hit the field.

With rotating shift work it is sometimes quite difficult to work out a MA training schedule, if your community has a dojo close. Some are able to do it and some aren't. Some work out and stay in shape and some don't.

Most of the refresher training that officers get, both outside and inside correctional facilities deals with the "flavor of the month" or with High Risk/Low Incidence events. For example, one year our training was mandated for us to have eight hours of training (out of 24) in dealing with elder abuse. The rest of that training schedule dealt with firearms training.

I agree that officers should seek out the training to keep them competent at "hand-to-hand" types of events, although those are actually pretty infrequent in most agencies. I did and it paid off for me. I tried to instill that same practice in my subordinates over the years and it stuck with a few. You are both correct in your assessment, but you should understand some of the competing requirements and practices faced by officers across the country.

Yeah, he got whipped and could have avoided it. Glad he survived and maybe some of his fellow officers have learned something from it.

Just my two cents worth.

"Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli."
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