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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.


We are pretty much saying the same thing, just in different ways.

Where we differ, is you think that "people" are like you and would take time out of their personal time to better themselves for reasons of being better at work. I agree! Makes sense to me. I do it. I read up and study my occupation (real estate) all the time. I think EVERYONE should do that.

Problem is: few people ever do. Cops pay for their own training? Perhaps, but I know police officers are often times given discounts as well. Personally, when I start to teach aikido, odds of me teaching police for free will be very high. The only reason I wouldn't is if my sensei said not to. And that is when I would argue with him. Then the next problem will be getting the officers to come train during their time off... whether its for free or for a discount.

I'm sure the guard in the video trained in how to deflect an attack too. So... why didn't he? Because he doesn't make training a part of his life. Even just a couple hours a week is better than nothing. And NOTHING is what I saw from that guard in the video.

You said:
I believe that people should spend time developing their work skills outside of work so that they can do what's expected of them.
I agree 100%. Now let's run a survey and find out how many guards and police officers actually do that. I think the numbers will be very bad.

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