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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

John Boswell wrote:
The argument that there is a "lack of training" means that X hours and Z hours are NOT ENOUGH! You think it is up to them to go home and practice? You think accountants go home at night and sit there on a 10 key calculator and "practice?" You think secretaries go home at night and type just to "practice?" The answer is No and No. SOME will practice... the majority will not. And when it comes to DEFENDING your SELF... and not only your job depends on it, but your LIFE, don't you think they SHOULD be required to go home and practice?
I do
I think people who want to be at their best, in their field, go home and work on their respective technique.

With every job I've ever had, I've studied after work to get better because I knew that that was best for me.

As far as the "guard not having training," I'm sure he learned how to deflect a strike in his forty hour course (atleast that's what's required around here).

I think we've just got a different philosophy. I believe that people should spend time developing their work skills outside of work so that they can do what's expected of them. I think you believe that training is a part of work.

We can disagree. But I sure wish people who believe that public sector employees should be treated so much better than private sector employees would be the only one's responsible for covering the price.

BTW. cops pay for their own training. if they're not getting what they need, maybe they should opt for different training.
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