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Michael Hackett
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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

John - Pretty harsh, but somewhat accurate nonetheless. Most law enforcement officers and correctional officers receive very little martial arts/defensive tactics/fighting/whateveryouwannacallit training. Even in Texas, currently a national leader in officer training, the amount of time spent on defensive tactics is very minimal in the academy. After graduation, most officers receive a few hours of refresher training in DT every few years. Unless the officer chooses to pursue additional training on his own time and at his own expense, he will only receive what the department provides him - and as I've said on these forum threads before, it isn't sufficient.

In most states the training curriculum is determined by an appointed board or commission at the state level, often by members who have never walked a beat or jail corridor. Could this officer have done better? Sure. Did he perform to the level of his training. Probably. This guy was victim of more than an assault - he's also the victim of a bottom line mentality of his agency and jurisdiction. I'm just glad he made it home at the end of his shift.

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