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Originally posted by ca
I don't look at my dojo fees as paying anyone to teach me, my sensei's teaching is not for sale, i believe. I pay fees so the lights stay on, the roof gets fixed, and toilet paper is replaced on a fairly regular basis.
Colleen! Just wanted to say. GREAT POST! Let's cut through all the garbage picking and do some practicing.
As for Anonanon: You said something very true as well:
Depends on the personality of the sensei?
I think all of these matters on the bottom line comes down to the personality of the sensei. I have a sempai who's dating one of his students, but they seem to get along fine, and I have NEVER seen any favourism on that account. One of my Senseis once dated a student as well. I think they got married and had a couple of kids - then split up for other reasons than Aikido, but as long as they can handle it as adult people then I have no problem with that. If something should happen that disturbed the harmoni of our dojo, then I really hope that the sensei and the bord of the dojo would handle the problem. Of course our situation is different from a lot of dojo's around the world since nobody owns the dojo and nobody get paid to teach. It's a non-profit organisation so everybody has the right to utter their opinion, but hey! that's a completely different story.....
Guess I better get back to working.
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