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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo

Ignatius Teo wrote:
...but many who do a short course to learn how to quickly defend themself may not have that sort of time to dedicate to such an endeavour, hence the pressure training approach that helps desensitise the individual to the effects of PCS.
I agree, PCS has its place, in crash-course self-defense, yes... but to, I can't agree on that. To me, MA is a feeling thing. The inherent dangers in emotional desensitization, is similar to the desensitizing issue of violence on TV.
But a certain level of desensitization surely is necessary?

I don't want to throw up or get nightmares from news reports about violence, so I need a certain degree of desensitization against (depicted/reported) violence. Not up to the "screw them all, who cares?" level of course, but right where I can see a really ugly news report yet still can more or less enjoy my dinner.

If the proverbial hits the fan, I don't want to freeze or go into panic mode just because some light punch actually contacts with one of my body parts. So I need a certain degree of desensitization against pain and injuries. Not up to the "yeah, more spikes, pleeease" level, but right where I can keep going in a messy situation.

For me, getting used to "bad things", getting to know them, to experience them, is an integral part to being able to handle them calmly.
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