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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo

Peter Rehse wrote:
Personally speaking if someone has such a great difficulty training at a level expected for beginners then they should not be there. I don't think Aikido should be the first line of therapy for damaged psyche - the same for any martial art.

In Shodokan Aikido we don't toss beginners into full blown randori - we basically start at simple avoidance exercises. If you can't do that then please leave and come back when you can. I have, Honbu has, been quite patient with a few who have problems but the operative word is try.

In Judo (at least here) you do randori from day 1. Too much for you - you should go elsewhere. Like Aikido there is only so much adjustment the group is required to do.
Nor do I, but I don't think that's how it is viewed as - therapy.

I'm sure nobody tosses beginners into full blown randori.

I'm not sure if you are intentionally trying to come across as arrogant and blasť..., but I don't agree with the attitude that if they can't hack it, they should not be there, or come back when they can.

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