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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

This is a perfect example for the need to cross train. If the guard knew some remedial BJJ or NHB fighting, he would at least be able to clinch to avoid the punches, and be able to move more effectively on the ground.

As far as prepare for the attack, the guard should always be prepared. That's his job. You as a martial artist should always be prepared.

Someone commented that "There wasn't anytime to react and be the MA that we all are accustomed to."

The guard knew what was about to happen, and even brought his hands up and backed up. I'll say it again, you fight like you train.

Your training should give you an instinctual reaction. I've been surprised numerous times and I always react the same way. I don't think about it, it is just there.

It's like hitting the breaks in your car before you realize what's going on. Fighting has to be automatic.

The video ended to early. I think the guards would have kicked the $H!7 out of him in another room.

Amir was correct when he said "one must learn to raise his situational awareness, and be very sensitive to any hint of incoming violence".
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