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Re: Equitable?

Ron Ragusa,
Well, I'm sure we see things closer than it appears on this thread, but I can assure you that the dojos where Sunny trains do not require any special respect for the teacher. I took her point to mean more that men and women have learned to percieve different things as respectful. (I should probably ask her!)

Mike, I agree with Lynn that you are taking differing opinions as personal attacks on you. In my opinion, you were contributing so wonderfully to the Ki and kokyu threads. No one is chiming in to support your views in this thread.

I am disappointed that you have time to post after almost every other person posts, and yet when I asked you some good questions on another thread about conditioning, and training, and strategy - you told me you didn't have time. Please follow your own advice and stop wasting time on this thread and stick to contributing positively to aikido in those other discussions.

I will choose to follow your advice and not waste any more time quibbling with you on topics that don't contribute positively towards aikido and encourage others to do the same.


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