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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo


That's kinda like saying electro-shock therapy is a way of treating a person's fear of electrical shocks, i.e. we'll keep shocking you until you get over it. That doesn't sit well with me.

IMHO, the spiritual practice of aikido itself is sufficient. IMHO, thru aikido, the individual becomes empowered thru breath control, relaxed centeredness and extension of ki. IMHO, I would rather reinforce these positively, than to induce a adrenal dump and see how the subject overcomes it. Because, in a confrontational situation, the things I want them to remember is to relax, breathe, center and extend. Not freeze and fight to overcome the instinctive fright or flight response.

There's a girl in my jujitsu class that had an abusive father. Everytime we got her up to spar she would fall to pieces and burst out in tears. This is even before any punches or kicks are even traded. To introduce the sort of PCS conditioning that Mr Treadgill suggests, at any point before she is emotionally ready to deal with it, is simply hopeless.

But that's just my humble 2 cents worth.

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