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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

Xu Wenfung wrote:
I noticed that the guard still remain conscious and 'operational' after such a beating.
Tough guy -- also bigger than the prisoner.
I also noticed he regain his composure rather quickly after the beatings, Kudos to him.
Not sure about composure, but he was able to stand, that's good.
And on top of that, the guard was good sport i.e., he did not retaliate like a mad revengeful soul but let his mates took care of it and let the law address the issue. I think he was a real gentlement.
I wouldn't go that far, he was still obviously recovering his wits. Give him another 30 sec to get his breath back and shake the cobwebs out of his head (and pepper spray to disperse from hallway between them), then see whether he is a gentleman...
The guard was caught off guard, he was basically ambushed. There wasn't anytime to react and be the MA that we all are accustomed to. My advise is just to bring your arms up to the face and protect it as much as possible; crouch and use your leg/knees to protect the lower part of the body (when on the foor). And when you sense any opening, then counter and unleash hell.
Using guard might have helped once it went to the ground. Note how the guard gives up his back under the barrage of blows; textbook. Good thing no weapons were involved. One can't sense an opening to counter when one is desperately turtled like that under a never-ending barrage.
P/s Peeper spray did not stop the attacker.
Immediately... but it did seem to give him pause after a few seconds (looked like he slipped and almost fell down). The pepper spray in the confined corridor -- seems pretty nasty. Explains why the rescuers stood back and had the prisoner come to them?

Interesting video.

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