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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo

Ignatius Teo wrote:
I think PCS conditioning is one, albeit narrowminded, way of looking at it. It certainly does not suit everyone.
Hi Ignatius,

If you have other, more effective methods please share. We are all here to learn.

Ignatius Teo wrote:
The last thing a rape survivor or someone coming out of a physically abusive relationship, would want to do is to go through the sort of PCS conditioning Mr Threadgill is suggesting is necessary.
Agreed. Which is why it is the Instructor's responsibility to make sure that his/her students may be psychologically capable of dealing with this sort of method. If the person is still experiencing PTSD from a previous attack then I doubt this sort of training will be of help at that point in time.

However, there must also be a feasible alternative in this regard. For if it is not done at some point, then the person may merely have survived one attack to make him/herself vulnerable for another at a later date. To learn from these stress experiences is the key. The idea is not to be learning about it for the first time when something bad does happen.

It comes down to which is more traumatic - being assaulted, making a concerted attempt to get over it and training oneself in a way that helps one deal with what happens, or going into a protective psychological cocoon that in reality fails to protect one from a reoccurrence of the traumatic episode or from the psychological / chemical /physical strain that comes with it. I know people who have never recovered from these sorts of experiences the second time around, why wait to try to learn about it when it is happening? Imho one should learn as much as possible before these things happen so one can be safe. Even more so to avoid a repeat occurrence of a traumatic event imho.

Just my 2 cents.

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