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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Lynn Seiser wrote:
Sorry Mike,

Since you publicly dish it out so well, I thought you could probable take it. So much for things that are equitable.
Sorry, Lynn, I don't look at it like that. You attacked me unprovoked and I threw you. I.e., I just flowed with your personally unprovoked attack. If you had posted something in different tone or on a different topic, I'd have responded in kind. When you "dish out" comments about someone's wife, mother, girlfriend, etc., why on earth would you think a martial artist is going to roll over and turn the other cheek?
Since we don't know each other, lets not take it too personally or seriously, or waste a lot of other's time testing testosterone. You, no doubt, win in that area.
You're absolutely misreading me if you think my returning a tit for tat reflects me taking things personally, Lynn. Do you get angry when Uke attacks you, then? Perhaps you turn and walk away in your dojo when Uke attacks???


Mike Sigman
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