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Re: Poll: Is inducing physical pain in others necessary in getting better at aikido?

Peter Zalinski wrote:
As for Nikkyo (the lock, not the pin) not being painful when applied by the "masters," IMHO, some one has been feeding you bullpucky. You can apply Nikkyo in a way that it is not immediately painful -- but then you are not applying any pressure on the lock, and it serves no purpose -- you may as well perform ikkyo.
I have felt Nikkyo put on my wrist in such a way that my resistance to it was what caused the pain -- and it's pain and the threat of more pain that motivates uke not to attack further. But it still hurts.

I've had nikyo done to me by an instructor at Yoshinkan Hombu, and it didnt hurt. But I went down and I didnt entertain any thought of trying to get back up. The no-pain nikyo is not bullpucky, though I doubted it was true before it happened to me. I've received several sankyo from an Aikikai 7th dan and that too did not hurt. But it worked. I've never seen anyone resist this man's sankyo.
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