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Re: Equitable?

Lorien Lowe wrote:
Recently our dojo lost one of our brown belts, a young woman, because we are too 'sexist, racist, feudal, backwards, and undemocratic (etc.)' for her to continue training there. Those of us who remain can do little but shake our heads at her (what the heck does democracy have to do with training in a martial art?).

One of the many things that attracted me to this dojo in the first place, and that keeps me there, is the hard-line egalitarianism set by Sensei. Everyone is expected to train at the same level, everyone is held to the same standards, and everyone is expected to take care of their own bodies. These were the exact things, however, that drove a different woman away.
Goes to show how different reality can seem from different people's viewpoint. Makes it difficult to discuss a topic like this.

However, if the dojo-cho refuses to admit that some aspects of training are different for men and women, I'm willing to bet fifty rolls that they won't get many women at all.
I 'm going to have to ask my teacher about this because this made me really curious about his views. We have about 50% women in the dojo, but if you ask me, there isn't any difference made in the training. OTOH that could be just how I perceive things and not true at all. I'm going to do a little poll at the dojo I think.

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