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Re: Equitable?

Lorien Lowe wrote:
Recently our dojo lost one of our brown belts, a young woman, because we are too 'sexist, racist, feudal, backwards, and undemocratic (etc.)' for her to continue training there. Those of us who remain can do little but shake our heads at her (what the heck does democracy have to do with training in a martial art?).
So that's what she said.... I suspect that what she meant was that she didn't feel included.

Democracy (as it is understood in the west) has nothing to do with training in an eastern martial art, and unless one can get one's head around this, it is easy to feel excluded from the dojo system. I think that it can be more difficult for women to find their way in the martial arts dojo, as the process is inherently better understood by men. This is why it is so important for women to help other women find their way - we have a duty of care to our kohai sisters to help them to understand and feel part of the system.

(These are just my observations after training in a variety of Aikido dojo for 13+ years)

I'm sorry to hear that your dojo has lost a student, and I hope that you will all gain some positive learning from the experience.

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