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Sunny Liberti wrote:
Mike, if you start by rereading post 150, you'll find that the only one requiring proof of anything is you.
I find it interesting, that people who so readily demonize the acceptability of rape, will so eagerly verbally gang-bang someone they simply disagree with, intellectually.

I don't know Mike from Eve, so I'm not sure what the big sticking point was. Challenging questions. So? Lots of PAGP (passive-aggressive game-playing) was actually a big more incriminating. If a person can't stay centered in verbal randori, no chance of it happening in a physical realm.

Rob and Larry - who train in completely different systems - have similar experiences perceiveing and relating to body-fear in others. It seems if many people are training at that level of perception, maybe we'll make some progress in increasing the numbers of women in aikido. Any thoughts?
I now train in an eclectic system of jujutsu, kempo and weapons. It reminds me of nothing so much as what Shoji Nishio Shihan put together, but a bit more direct and efficient. We have koryu roots, and gendai ones as well.

I was frightened to death at first, and made plans to go and train with the Jiyushinkai. But I tried it, and I stuck with it, and it agrees with me. At times we have had 70-30 male-female attendance.

As far as I know, there are no other female teachers in this system.

My heroines include Elizabeth Cady Stanton, our local provost marshal, several women on the aikido mailing list, and no prominent senior women in that art. There's just not enough exposure. Budo in Texas is a minefield.. and while I found many instructors in aikido to admire, none of them really spoke to me in terms of being my "personal icon". Maybe I just don't do icons.

Changes will not be brought about by whining for favors or politicizing.
Changes will be brought about by training sincerely and being genuine, by exploring history, both understanding and ignoring politics, and blazing the trail to the future.


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