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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Mitch Kuntz wrote:
What happens when that 300 plb "gorilla" takes your Sig and uses it against you?
Won't happen. But while we're doing theoretics, what happens when you wise up and realize that you have no chance of applying your precious pressure points and marginal grapplying skills against someone of that size, strength, and aggression? I'll tell you what: suddenly, I'm making a lot of sense.

What happens if an innocent bystander gets hurt or killed from your weapon?
I guess I'm a better shot than you.

What happens if one of his buddies has a gun and shoots your @ss because you threatened his friend?
What, like his girlfriend? Who else was there, an invisible possy? Why is this imaginary person's gun deadlier than mine? Suppose I use martial arts and the other guy knows some too, what then, sherlock?

Guns (or any weapon for that matter) are not a cure all to self defense,
Who said they were? Who said Aikido was, for that matter?

in fact, I would say most times they escalate situations.
Well, "in fact" should be followed by facts, not conjecture.

Don't forget to mention that many women (not sure about stats on men) who have tried to use guns in self-defense have actually had their own weapons turned against them.
Actually, the national safety council stats say that you're less likely to be injured or killed if you use a gun in self-defense than any other method including capitulation. This is also backed up by the research of criminalogists Gary Kleck and David Koppel. But why let the truth interfere with your rant?

Try and pull out that weapon fast enough if someone is trying to deck you.
I admit you may have some difficulty with that, and believe me I sympathize, but it's not my problem.

I'm a great shot with pretty much anything with a trigger, but other than hunting and target practice it is pretty much useless seeing as I'm not soldier, cop, hitman, merc, etc.
Because professionary title automatically makes you a bad ass? If you can't shoot well under pressure, you are not a good shot.

Seeing how packed together people were in that situation, pulling out a gun may be a bad decision.
And yet there was room for haymakers, why is that?

Guns/weapons bring out a lot of negative/nervous energy in people...I've had personal experiences with this, haha.
While that is funny, it's far from my experience. Guns bring out nothing in people that is not the will of the weilder---kinda like a sword or any other device that increases one's immediate power.

The whole point of modern martial arts is to train hard so that we don't have to seriously injure or kill the attacker. If you think other wise, IMO, you are a little misinformed.
Dude, I've had twenty plus years in the martial arts and a plethora of real life experiences. Martial arts are a lot of things to a lot of people, and the fallacy that your training automatically enables you to control people without injuring them is the product of immature ideology. Every situation is different; never forget that.

This is "overkill syndrome.
Yes, your post is, and the following demonstrates quite clearly that you have no experience in real-life combat. Good for you. I hope you never acquire it.

" If some guy takes a swing at me... I probably would have hit his sternum with a palm strike (just enough to stun him) and then done a half kick to his knee. Just like anyone, big guys joints and pressure points are still mighty vulnerable. Having grappled and sparred with people much bigger than me, I can say being smaller I had certain advantages too. Use atemi and hit vital points, and giants will come down. Ultimately, defense when suprised is a lot harder than offense on the street; whether you have a gun, knife, or your bare hands. This is due to the suprise nature of most attacks. But, attacking wthout the element of suprise is equally as difficult. Yeah, so I would have to hurt the guy pretty bad to defend myself..."

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