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Vincent Paglia
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

The first time I saw this video on our local news it occured to me that the victim could have been easily killed by repeated punches to the head by someone of that size.
That is a decent argument in favor of defense of others. I agree that a jury may be persuaded.

Also, my legal analysis was based on you actually killing the guy--obviously if you drew your weapon and the violence stopped right then, it would be a very different situation legally.

Yes, if all else fails bring out the race card. Congratulations on original but irrelevant thinking.
Irrelevant? Race and money are anything but irrelevant in the criminal justice system. If you really killed someone in a pizza parlor (as opposed to discussing it on an Aikido internet board), and you were preparing your defense, you would be stupid not to consider the effect that race may have on your trial, as would the family of the guy you killed.

Either way, standing around watching someone else get pounded is not an option for me. If it is for you, you should be ashamed.
This is totally separate from the legal question.
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