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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

"This is what I am talking about Walt, you don't know me, but yet one could construe that you are mocking me. Instead of just saying I don't agree with you Bill and the other posters. You throw out this very same statement that started what happened to cell phone guy. Its shortsighted and an un-thought out remark. You never know just how other people; in particular, people you don't know will take what you are saying."

Any person can become violent if they feel the need. For some it takes very little provocation and others a lot. I understand that fact of life, and deal with people accordingly. When I wrote

"Be careful Mary, you are pointing out improper behavior. Some posters believe that you are asking for it."

It was a sincere warning to her and to demonstrate the weakness of your point. She disagreed with what a poster wrote and she let them know. Perhaps in a nicer way then the guy that got beat up but it was the same action. They both demonstrated their disapproval of a person's uncivilized behavior. A person hearing her remark could have reacted violently if he was the type that is easily provoked. Would you blame her for getting beat up? That is what you are arguing. Blame the victim.

Walter Kopitov
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