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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

My vote goes for being unaware of your environment:

The pizza parlor itself looks pretty sleazy. I would guess that the neighborhood it's located in is not very well off. I've been to Akron, and it's pretty depressed in general. So, violence in this neighborhood may not be that uncommon - - you should ask, why is there a video camera monitoring this fight? How many fast food places do you go to have video monitoring?

For me, the last time I was in a place likke the pizza parlor was in the 1980's when I lived near Chicago's South SIde (in Hyde Park around U of Chicago). You definitely treaded carefully when you were in places like this. [The workers did there jobs behind bang glass several inches thick, and the manager wore a gun, and the food came out through a lazy susan kind of thing.] Perhaps the blame should be placed on cell phones! If an aggressive large woman started after me in that (or any other environment), I would have tried to defuse her violence as much as possible verbally, or try to escape (although I hope she would have been going after someone else to begin with). She is psychotic, just itching to tangle with someone, and the boyfriend is her pitbull. The victim makes the mistake of trying meet her obvious aggression with his own.

When the boyfriend gets involved, the victim is already backed up against the wall, and the first hit stuns him. His attempt to get out of the place is pretty half-hearted, but he's probably already only partially conscious by then.

Bad things and violence can happen anywhere, but it is more likely to happen in certain areas. Sometimes you can't avoid them, but you need to be aware of what can happen. I'm sure that if the boyfriend had started hitting me that I would have lost badly, regardless of any expertise I might claim. You need to stop the fight before it happens.
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