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Justin Gaar
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Re: The Real World: How to Reconcile?

I am in High School, in a rather shady area. There have been many recent events around here. There have been drive-by shootings. And some kids around here carry knives. I am VERY careful not to make someone angry. Because up against a knife, i am sure that i would freeze up during an attack. Aikido makes me feel safe inside myself. It's practicality in a fight is somewhat reassuring. This is not the intended purpose of aikido, but many people never forget that it has uses to defend yourself. Anonymous, you are right, it is very dangerous to defend yourself at all against a firearm. However, there are moves that can be used. I have only been training for 3 weeks but i have been studying aikido on my own. I am not very liked in my school and some people would love a chance to try and beat the crud out of me. And that is really why i do NOT feel safe at all in my school. People can be close-minded and egotistical. Especially high school students. People call people horrible names, therefore some people see no other option but to fight. To tell you the truth I do not want to fight. But on the other hand, I really hate to say this, but i would love to have just one fight and other people can see that i am not one that will stand back and be a walking mat. You all know that feeling at one point or another.
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