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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

This is certainly a tough situation...small quarters filled with innocent people, and some very incited energy going on. Ultimately I think knowing what was said is somewhat moot. Yes it's best not to throw fuel on a's best not to ever say anything negative to anyone you don't know, fankly, because you don't know what's going through their mind to begin with. Some people simply love to fight and it's what they practically live for.
The first mistake I saw was getting in the womans face with her obviously large boy-friend in the room. Second mistake was looking away once he realized the man meant business. The man pulled his fist back a bit before launching it forward. Perhaps the man could have done something with that short instant of information, but he removed that option from himself by cowering and looking away.
Either way, be nice to the a**holes in the world...they need it more than the nice-guys do.

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