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Re: Article: Did Morihei Ueshiba Invent Aikido? by Peter Boylan

Ken Koek wrote:
Ya know, I always love reading these threads. Aikido history is interesting. However, when the same banter has been going on for over a month, and it starts becoming, well this happened in O sensei's dojo, no it didn't this happened, and Takeda said this , no he didn't,......I can't wanting to scream WHO CARES.......and repeat what many have before me.......shut up and train train train.

My opinion only, you are entitled to yours, however wrong you may be.

Peace, Kenn
Here in the United Staes we have the Constitution. A bunch of guys two hundred years ago wrote it. We have the thing in front of us, we've spent years and years studying it and interpreting it. One of the most important distinctions people make when they interpret the Constitution is "what was the intention of the framers" how would they intend their ideas to be applied to these modern stiuations we face. We put a huge weight on this because we respect the wisdom that the original founders of the country had in setting up this system of givernment. So two hundred years later we still care what they intended.

O-Sensei dies in 1969. There are still many people alive who trained directly with him. I think that specualtion combined with a lot of research is quite valuable in trying to understand this art which he created. Why? Because he was wise enough to create the art in the first place. Many of us care what he thought about it and what he intended for it. It matters to us what the individual contributions have been by the people who learned from the Founder and taken his art and made it their own. I hope this is still going on in a hundred years.

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