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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Larry Camejo wrote:
But on the bright side he will be $25,000 richer soon. Not trying to protect himself will help his case immensely. He should have sued for more though.
Am I the only one who suspects that money will be damn hard to collect? The type of person who does this type of thing isn't the sort to have that kind of cash laying around. Add in prison time, lawyer fees and it's almost not worth suing.

On the point of awareness, I can't count how many situations I personally know of where people got on the wrong end of physical encounters of assault or abuse when they tried to "set things right", having initially underestimated the degree of resistance they were dealing with. A well known martial artist in this country died via gunshot in a robbery for this sort of misjudgement of a situation.
I forget the names but a sandan aikidoist was knifed to death by a teenager whom he confronted in his car. The kid was trying to steal his radio or something. I believe this was back in the 70's in New York. Fred Little, if he's reading or cares, could probably provide details.
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