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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Along with everyone else, these are just my personal opinions and I am certainly not attempting to step on toes.

I have to disagree with some of the posts by Jean de Rochefort.

At one point, early on, you had mentioned you would not get involved because you believe in individuals minding their own business. I can think of MANY reasons to not get involved, but that ranks very low. The complacency in this society is becoming embarrassing. For the sake of argument, say that the attacker gave a quick jab to the nose or lip or abdomen and then things ended. Not many of us would argue with your points nearly as much.
Then take it to the other extreme- what if the victim had ended up dead? Is "minding your own business" still apply? Should we, as a society, stand around while a guy gets beat to death by a 300# intellectually challenged bully?

I would also disagree that the attacker acted "natually". It seems a little pessimistic to call this natural or acceptable. How is it "natural" to get pummeled because you're unhappy about someone budging in line. What the attacker did in this case is NOT a natural act by any definition. IMHO, it is generally accepted that we don't budge in line and the owner can run his business however he likes, but the rules of morality and common sense have to supercede at some point.

Again, I respect your opinions and respect the fact that you are obviously much more confident in your martial arts abilities than I am--I would have fallen over and acted like I was having a seizure!

I apologize in advance if I misinterpreted your posts or if I read into them--I commonly read into things more than I should!

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