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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Sunny Liberti wrote:
Mike Sigman wrote:Mike, how is it that you are the authority on this? Do you have experience in rape councilling? Do you treat or interview rapists? Maybe you've headed a research project on the subject? Just speculating from your interpretation of book? I truly want to know your experience here. Maybe you do know more than those of us who have been on the receiving end, but you'll have to convince me of that.
Hi Sunny:

Hmmmm. My comment was that not all rapes (which are by definition sexual acts) are the result of "rage" and "domination", even though it's trendy to say that. There are plenty of texts you can source that will say the same thing. Other than that comment, I neither pretended to be an expert in rape counselling nor did I claim to be an "authority".
And also from Mike:Funny, I think we are spiritual beings who live in human bodies. Or even human animals *who have evolved to have a spiritual nature*, if you prefer to look at it from that angle.
I have no problems with you having a different belief system than I do, Sunny. If you want to convince me that your belief in spirituality is correct, though, and that we're not just animals, you'll need to show me some sort of proof. Reading this thread I don't see a lot of "spirituality", but I see a lot of power struggles and attempts to force "the correct way of thinking" on others. I hope your idea of equality allows me to have a different perspective than you do.

All the Best.

Mike Sigman
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