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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

The guy needs to see his part in the whole ordeal. His passive aggressive comments sent an already unstable person over the edge. This wasn't a random act, his snide remark provided the catalyst. Instead of providing a more direct and constructive statement, such as "Excuse me,The line starts back here", cell phone guy chose to be annoying,and indirect. I think what he said was meant to embarrass the woman. Even if it were in just, you never know how people are going to take it. His comment did little to help the situation. It just added to the problems. Crowded pizza place, orders taking abit longer to fill, woman cuts, then he adds the smart A. remark. Cell phone guy just added fuel to the fire. He did play a role in his own beating. Plain and simple. So what, if it would have taken 10 mins more to get his pizza.

Confucius say "better to eat cold pizza then to get lumped up."

Would have, could have, I am not one for second guessing, but here is my take.

Had Mr. ,should have kept his mouth shut, cell phone guy directed his displeasure with the owner for the cutting incident. It would have been the pizza shop owners responsibility to correct the problem. But even thats not for certain. The woman just could have been looking for a problem. Had he needed the reason to speak up, bring it up with the owner. Or deal with the woman with abit more cautious reserve and remind her the line started back where he was.

What happened wasn't right. Certainly physical violence is never the answer. Nobody deserves to be beaten for speaking up. But in the same token, cell phone guy did play a role. This isn't about blaming, its about seeing the factors that lead to this conclusion, and understanding the roles played in the event.

Had he been quiet, none of this would have happened.
Had he been more direct, and constructive with the woman. It MAY have been prevented but not for certain.
Had he addressed the pizza shop owner and let him deal with the "cutter" It may have been averted, but not for certain.

"Be careful Mary, you are pointing out improper behavior. Some posters believe that you are asking for it."

This is what I am talking about Walt, you dont know me, but yet one could construe that you are mocking me. Instead of just saying I don't agree with you Bill and the other posters. You throw out this very same statement that started what happened to cell phone guy. Its short sighted and a un-thought out remark. You never know just how other people, in particular, people you don't know will take what you are saying.

Dont make me, make you, grab my wrist.
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