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Re: Without this, No Aikido

Bryan Bateman wrote:
Hello Peter,

Thanks for your reply. The book is still a little above me I'm afraid, as are the other "spiritual" books that I have read . I have no idea how much he is taking for granted, I don't even know that what he says is correct per se <shrugs shoulders>. It seems that he mostly makes observations on old quotes and teachings from Kaiso based on his (Sunadomari sensei) experience. It was an interesting book though, one that I will no doubt read again, and certainly food for thought.


Hi Bryan,
I don't know if there are any Shingu folks over there but if you get a chance to train with Anno Sensei I would recommend it. He is one of Hikitsuchi Sensei's senior deshi and has been visiting the States (at least the West coast where most of the former Shingu folks are like Jack Wada, Linda Holiday, Tom Read, Mary Heiny, and Clint George)

Anyway, the feeling I get from being around him is very much the same type of feel I got from reading Sunadomari Sensei's book. Anno Sensei's basic message (highly distilled here) is that Aikido is really about opening up your Heart. He feels like he engulfs the whole dojo with his spirit when he teaches.

If you get a chance go out of your way to train with him.

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