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Re: multiple teachers in one dojo

Doesn't rank and title represent experience and authority?
Um, not really.If the certifying organization engages in quality control, has a rational and well-planned syllabus,etc, then it is safe to assume that the experience obtained is worthy of respect. But beyond that, no. Many martial arts have no rank at all, as experience is self-evident in a person's performance.

Budo, as with most things in Japan, wasn't meant to be a democracy.
Correct. I would say most of traditional Japanese culture derives from military privlige. But do you honestly believe this is how the world should run?

If you are an instructor in a dojo you are expected to teach to a standard that is set by those that out rank you.
Not because of rank, but because of experience. Again, two different things.

If you are the head master of a dojo then you have the right to demand anything.
Only if you're Darth Vader.

I always thought that instructors in a dojo must teach to a specific syllabus.
Having a specific syllabus is different than being a drill sergent. At the Aikido club, we are all there to study and improve our Aikido. If the teacher, with all of his/her rank and authority, decides to teach something other than Aikido, that has gone against what people attending have agreed to do.
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