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Re: Equitable?

Lorien Lowe - your post (145) was a perfect summary of the problems with the thread. I wish you would put the same effort into summarizing and clarifing the points of view expressed on this thread that would actually help attact, retain, and encourage females to train aikido. You seem to have excellent aptitude and insight.

Anne Marie Giri, you are probably a wonderful aikido person, but my BS detector is maxed out by some of your words. In regard to the initial post of this thread, you said: "In fact, she was attempting to create a dialog about gender disparity in aikido." Wow, I thought she was saying something controversial and accusitory - wanting to just get it off her chest like she said. Most of the follow up posters had to work extra hard to drive towards something positive.

Also, if you're going to call Mike on the carpet for defending subtle and covert hostility, fine but he expresed his opinions in an open and honest way. You, and others, use the tactic of pre-labeling anyone who says a certain thing as "bad" in order to manipulate the discussion. I find that to be sneaky and dishonest - and, ironically, it is done in a subtle and covertly hostile way.

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