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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Tim Jester wrote:
Royce Gracie was asked at a seminar "How do you get out of a choke?".
He used the analogy of getting punched in the face. "Once your hit it's to late".

The key is not to get in the choke in the first place.

If your are in a full mount by a jui-jitsu expert, it's to late. I don't think anyone on this thread, (or their instructor) can escape it using only aikido techniques.
I agree with Royce's remarks (a fairly safe stance, lol). Also, i wanted to comment on the idea of not being able to escape using "only aikido technique." Technically speaking, aikido is a wholistic approach to conflict. The ideal is a non-combative, win-win situation, but this is our goal, not always our reality. If an aikidoka has absolutely no other option than to do something "dirty" in a fight, for example to save his own life or that of another innocent person, then he/she must do what it takes to make the greater good prevail, even if that means poking someone's eye out or whatever you can think of. Aikido is derived from aikijujutsu, a form of budo that dealt with life and deat and all points in between. In practice, aikido should have the same awarenesses plus a very developed philosophy toward win-win situations. That's all it is in my opinion. That in mind, you're either in a position to be able to do something or you're not. How aware of that situation anyone is depends on their daily practice/frame-of-mind.

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