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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiBlogs!

Hello Jun.

First of all; I love this site and I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site! But I have to say that I passionately dislike the change done to the journal/aikiblog section.
I don't have the same overview that I had previously, it uses my username instead of my real name (as the gentleman above already mentioned), the format is too narrow to display the entries' titles in their entirity and because I dont have more than 15 entries I have to scroll down several pages to view my log.
I really miss the overview the old design gave me. I could see the number of views and entries of the logs and all logs were on a single page. That greatly increased the transparency of the journal section and it made it easier to see the users in the middle and bottom.

I am dreadfully sorry that I have to point this out, I really think your site is magnificent, but I honestly don't like this addition. I would much prefer that things remained the way they were (even though I like the name AikiBlogs ) I hope you will take this into consideration

Best regards and apologies for being a nag.

Alexander Orstrom

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