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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

George S. Ledyard wrote:
(snip examples using Kuroda and Angier Sensei's)
These teachers totally changed my idea of what Saotome Sensei had been doing all those years.
Well, what Saotome does is the same thing that Tohei, Abe, and some others do. The point is, of course, that most people are not using these skills in their Aikido (and Karate and Taijiquan and so on) and it's an important part.
I still need to refine my technique according to these "new" insights. I still can't do this stuff the way Saotome Sensei or these other teachers can. But at least that this point I know I am using the same principles thay are using. That was a big line to cross for me.
I'd be interested in seeing what you've come up with. Generally speaking, there's a wide spectrum of possibilities and there are various levels of skills and facets to practice. Part of the point I made in another post somewhere was that the Chinese have some fairly sophisticated variations. But all in all, it's nice to see more people in the Aikido world getting the scent of these things instead of denying there's anything outside of technique. Of course, based on what you're saying, you see that these skills are intrinsic parts of the "real" techniques of Aikido (and a number of other martial arts), but at the same time they can be considered more or less "additives".... and just knowing how to use the additives doesn't make one's knowledge of Aikido any good. You have to practice the techniques, too.

My opinion, FWIW

Mike Sigman
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