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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

George S. Ledyard wrote:
First of all, let me say that much of the discussion of things like Ki, aiki, kokyu etc. amongst Aikido folks is often characterized by a lack of knowledge of history and unfamiliarity with other styles in the family of aiki / aiki jutsu arts. This leads people to make completely unsupported suppositions like O-Sensei discovering something about Ki and taking it back to his teacher Takeda Sensei. In a technical sense Takeda sensei was every bit the giant O-sensei was.
Dammit, they were both short men and you know it.

I agree with what you're saying, but I'd add that the whole idea of "aiki" is not just relegated to a narrow spectrum of Japanese arts, but is reasonably common across a lot of Asian martial arts.
I got to put my hands on Kuroda Sensei who teaches another family style of classical kenjutsu / aiki jutsu. The man could move you and you wouldn't feel it being done to you, you'd just move.
Just for clarification, do you mean he could move you while you were standing still or are you talking about the engagement while practicing a technique?


Mike Sigman
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